How it all began

There are those who say that coincidences don’t exist, but this is the story…
Meeting an old friend from another continent, in an international fair where thousands of people walk around with their eyes fixed on the stands to see and absorb all the novelties, is almost like finding that needle you lost in the haystack… Being invited to his country, being shown his factory and seeing the infinite possibilities it can offer you, is a real gift… Whether by chance or by destiny Tableswing was born from the passion for this ancient craft and the love of gastronomy. Because we understand the table as a dance of dishes. Dishes that come in, that go out, that turn, that change partners…

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Our Tableware


Each piece is unique due to its traditional manufacturing process and it is possible to appreciate slight singularities in shape and texture.

Collections designed for professional use, with top quality materials with the intention of making them durable for demanding day-to-day work.

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