Today’s cuisine is not only eaten, it is also looked at and thought about. And a lot. Gastronomy today, like painting or photography, has become another language that seeks to provoke an emotional effect in the receiver. The palate is educated, just as the ear is educated, and gastronomic creators cohabit with their demanding interpreters, transforming raw materials and the collective imagination; transforming cuisine into art.

Eating is an intimate act of Love. When someone comes through your door, sits at your table and you cook for them, you invite them to see, smell and feel the way you feel. All the cultures of the world agree that eating is, above all, a celebration, a social act of the first order and a hymn to existence. Perhaps this is because few loves are as sincere as the Love of food.

At Tableswing we like each of our pieces to be unique; we want our tableware to be perfectly imperfect. In our opinion, a well-made design is one that incorporates, accommodates and embraces irregularity, one that is openly committed to the singular and the unique. We believe that where there is perfection there is no story to tell.

The tableware that we present to you responds to a premise that we believe to be fundamental: We want to work with objects adapted to your needs. And once we have reached this point, we ask for more; we want each of our pieces to fill you, to be pleasant to the touch and to comfort your heart. This is why we work with matt glazes, which give warmth and make the vessel gain depth, sobriety and density, trapping the colour on the surface of its walls. And we also work with glossy glazes, cracked glazes, calm colours… pieces created not to leave you indifferent.

Because we know that each dish is prepared, designed and assembled to be exhibited before an audience that does not concede. Because we want you to dance with your dishes, let them go in, let them come out, let them change partners. Because you like to play and take risks, because you also love the mestizo, because we all know that purity lies in the mix… we invite you to venture out!

Welcome to our table, welcome to tableswing.


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