Golden Black Bowl D11x4,5cmH / Box 12 Units

11.13 / pieza / pice / pièce / pezzo

The 4-piece tableware that we present to you responds to a premise that we believe to be fundamental: We want to work with objects adapted to your needs. And once we have reached this point, we ask for more; we want each of our pieces to fill you, to be pleasant to the touch and to comfort your heart. This is why we work with matt glazes, which give warmth and make the vessel gain depth, sobriety and density, trapping the colour on the surface of its walls. And we also work with glossy glazes, cracked glazes, calm colours… pieces created not to leave you indifferent.

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Firing temperature: 1250º – 1280º

Thermal shock resistance: 180º

Glaze: Matt finishing. 

Food safe

Microwave proof: yes

Dishwasher proof: yes

Caution: Attention to rubbing on the golden part. Ease of scratching and wear!

Weight 0.091 kg
Dimensions 545 × 26 × 27.5 cm


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