Aqua Deep Oval Platter D26x20 4,5H / Box 4 Units

21.38 / pieza / pice / pièce / pezzo

Someone said that for light to enter something there must be a crack. And I have them all. My shine is proudly broken and so are my colours… This collection of 14 pieces is made of stoneware, fired at a very high temperature. The finish of the pieces is made with a reactive glaze which results in a glossy crackle finish that gives it a lot of personality.

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Firing temperature: 1250º – 1280º

Thermal shock resistance: 180º

Glaze: Reactive glaze. Crackle shiny finish

Food safe

Microwave proof: yes

Dishwasher proof: yes

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 51.2 × 29.8 × 25 cm


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